These actions are put at the end of the web URL once your dashboard has been loaded. This is a neat little function that lets you refresh your dashboards, run performance testing, and run minor tasks .

Below I will list out commands, their actions and possible scenario where it might be used. Lets suppose this was the link to your dashboard         ** * We would add this command at the end of (BusinessCase) 

  • &:refresh= (yes,no)

-This loads

  • &:tabs = (yes,no) 

-This basically shows/hides the tabs from being show, if you are dashboard contains multiple worksbooks which you do not want to be seen, once loaded to the server. You could add this command in the end to show/hide tabs

  • &:linktarget=(_blank, _self)


  • &:embed=(yes,no)


  • &:record_performance=(yes)