What are Measures?

Measures are fields that can be measured, aggregated, or used for mathematical operations.

Page shelf

Page shelf fragments the view into a series of pages, presenting a different view on each page, making it more user-friendly and minimizing scrolling to analyze and view data and information.

What is Data Visualization?

It is the visual representation of data in the form of graphs and charts, especially when you can‘t define it textually. You can show trends, patters and correlations through various data visualization software and tools.

What are dimensions?

Dimensions are usually those fields that cannot be aggregated

Differences between Tableau desktop and Tableau Server?

Tableau desktop performs data visualization and workbook creation, Tableau server is used to distribute these interactive workbooks and/or reports to the right audience.

What are examples of Marks in Tableau?

There are six marks in Tableau; Color, Size, Text, Detail, Path, Tooltip

What is Data Blending?

Data Blending in tableau allows combining of data from different sources and platforms. For instance, you can blend data present in an Excel file with that of an Oracle DB to create a new dataset.

Components of a Dashboard

Horizontal layout container, Veritcal layout Container, Text, Image Extract, Web[URL Action]

What is Content Filter?

The concept of context filter in Tableau makes the process of filtering smooth and straightforward. It establishes a filtering hierarchy where all other filters present refer to the context filter for their subsequent operations.

Difference between .twb and .twbx

.twb does not contain the data. .twbx is Packaged Workbook allows users to share their workbook information with other Tableau Desktop users and let them open it in Tableau Reader.

File extensions in Tableau.

Tableau Workbook (.twb) • Tableau Packaged Workbook (.twbx) • Tableau Datasource (.tds) • Tableau Packaged Datasource (.tdsx) • Tableau Data extract (.tde) • Tableau Bookmark (.tdm) • Tableau Map Source (.tms) • Tableau Preferences (.tps)