What is story in Tableau?

A story is a sheet that contains a sequence of worksheets or dashboards that work together to convey information.

What is continous in Tableau?

Continuous data roles are used to measure continuous data and can take on any value within a finite or infinite interval. Examples: unit price, time and profit or order quantity.

What platforms can Tableau server run on

Tableau server can run on Windows and Mac

What is a data Source page?

A page where you can set up your data source. The Data Source page generally consists of four main areas: left pane, join area, preview area, and metadata area.

What is a extract in Tableau?

A saved subset of a data source that you can use to improve performance and analyze offline.

What is a format pane in Tableau?

A pane that contains formatting settings that control the entire worksheet, as well as individual fields in the view.

What is Tableau Reader?

Tableau Reader is a free viewing application that lets anyone read and interact with packaged workbooks created by Tableau Desktop.

What are the possible reasons for slow performance in Tableau?

More Extracts, filters and depends on data sources.

What is the criteria to blend the data from multiple data sources?

There should be a common dimension to blend the data source into single worksheet.