1.       What is Data Visualization?

2.       What are the differences between Tableau desktop and Tableau Server?

3.       Define parameters in Tableau and their working.

4.       Differentiate between parameters and filters in Tableau.

5.       What are fact table and Dimension table in Tableau?

6.       What are Quick Filters in Tableau?

7.       State limitations of parameters in Tableau.

8.       What is aggregation and disaggregation of data in Tableau?

9.       What is Data Blending?

10.     What is Context Filter?

11.     What are the limitations of context filters?

12.     Name the file extensions in Tableau.

13.     Explain the difference between .twb and .twbx

14.     What are Extracts and Schedules in Tableau server?

15.     Name the components of a Dashboard

16.     How to view underlying SQL Queries in Tableau?

17.     What is Page shelf?

18.     How to do Performance Testing in Tableau?

19.     Explain the concept of Dual Axis.

20.     How many maximum tables can you join in Tableau?

21.     How to remove ‘All‘ options from a Tableau filter?

22.     How to add Custom Color to Tableau?

23.     What different products does Tableau provide?

24.     What is TDE file?

25.     How to use group in calculated field?

26.     Can parameters have dropdown list?

27.     What is the difference between Quick Filter, Normal filter and Context filter?

28.     What is data blending? When do you use this?

29.     What are the differences between twb and twbx?

30.     What is Aggregation & Disaggregation?

31.     What are the differences between groups and sets?

32.     How do we do testing in Tableau?

33.     What is Pages shelf?

34.     How do you add custom color to Tableau?

35.     What is Assume referential integrity?

36.     Explain when would you use Joins vs. Blending in Tableau?

37.     What is default Data Blending Join?

38.     What do you understand by blended axis?

39.     What is story in Tableau?

40.     What is the difference between discrete and continuous in Tableau?

41.     How do you automate reports using Tableau software?

42.     How can we combine database and flat file data in Tableau desktop?

43.     What type of join is used in data blending?

44.     What are the platforms Tableau server can run on?

45.     Does Tableau integrate with Hadoop/ HiveServer?

46.     Where all can you use global filters?

47.     How do you publish tableau reports to tableau server?

48.     How do you normalize data for use in Tableau?

49.     Explain and implement a serialization of a binary tree.

50.     What is a data Source page?

51.     What is an extract is Tableau?

52.     What is a format pane in Tableau?

53.     What is LOD expression in Tableau?

54.     What is the difference between Quick Filter and Normal filter?

55.     What is Tableau Reader?

56.     Can we have multiple value selection in parameter?

57.     Which join is used in data blending?

58.     What are the possible reasons for slow performance in Tableau?

59.     What is the criteria to blend the data from multiple data sources?

60.     What is a Dimension?

61.     What is a Measure?

62.     What does the extension .twbx represent in Tableau?

63.     What are the types of filters in Tableau?

64.     What is marks card in Tableau?

65.     What are shelves in Tableau?

66.     What is a Tableau workbook?

67.     In Tableau what is a worksheet?

68.     What is an alias in Tableau?

69.     What is a context filter?

70.     What is Dual Axis?

71.     What is a page shelf in Tableau?

72.     What are the possible reasons for slow performance in Tableau?

73.     What is table calculation in Tableau?

74.     What is data blending?

75.     Can we have multiple value selection in parameter?

76.     What is Connect live?

77.     What is Import all data feature in Tableau?

78.     What are parameters and when do you use it?

79.     What is TDE file in Tableau?

80.     What is a story in Tableau?

81.     What is a Published data source?

82.     What is an embedded data source?

83.     When to use joins versus Blending in Tableau?

84.    Which filter is used to get the top 10 values from a view?

85.     What is Tableau Show me?

86.     What is a Tableau data pane?

87.     What is a calculated field in Tableau?

88.     What is crosstab chart?

89.     How to check the metadata of a table?

90.     How to create a column Alias?

91.     How to get current date and time?

92.     How to check if a data is a of type date?

93.     What does REPLACE function do in Tableau?

94.     Which function returns the number of items in a group?

95.     What is a Gannt Chart?

96.     What is Forecasting in Tableau?

97.     What is a Trendline in tableau?

98.     Give an expression to add 4 months to the date 2014-03-12?

99.     How to show the top 5 and bottom 5 sales in Tableau?