What is Data Blending?

Data blending is the ability to bring data from multiple data sources into one Tableau view, without the need for any special coding.

Can parameters have dropdown list?

Yes, parameters do have their independent dropdown lists enabling users to view the data entries available in the parameter during its creation.

What is TDE file?

TDE is a Tableau desktop file that contains a .tde extension. It refers to the file that contains data extracted from external sources like MS Excel, MS Access or CSV file.

How can you display top five and last five sales in the same view?

Create two sets, one for top 5 another for bottom 5 and the join these two sets displaying a unique set of total 10 rows.

What are the different products Tableau provides?

1. Tableau Server 2. Tableau Desktop 3. Tableau Public 4. Tableau Reader

How many maximum tables can you join in Tableau?

The maximum number of 32 tables can be joined in Tableau. A table size must also be limited to 255 columns (fields).

Concept of Dual Axis.

Dual Axis is an excellent phenomenon supported by Tableau that helps users view two scales of two measures in the same graph.

What are Sets?

Sets create a custom field based on existing dimensions that can be used to encode the view with multiple dimension members across varying dimension levels.

What is Assume referential integrity?

Referential integrity is a concept which ensures that relationships between databases/tables remain consistent, i.e. it ensures that the references to data are valid. You

What are Groups?

Groups simplify large numbers of dimension members by combining them into higher-level categories.