What is Tableau Show me?

Show Me is used to apply a required view to the existing data in the worksheet. Those views can be a pie chart, scatter plot or a line chart. This is very useful and most often used in creating dashboards/ charts on Tableau.

What is a Published data source?

It contains connection information that is independent of any workbook and can be used by multiple workbooks.

What is a page shelf in Tableau?

The Pages shelf is used to control the display of output by choosing the sequence of display. Dragging a date to Pageshelf can allow you to see sales on year by year basis.

What is an alias in Tableau?

An alternative name that you can assign to a field or to a dimension member. Right click a dimension >Aliases

In Tableau what is a worksheet?

A sheet where you build views of your data by dragging fields onto shelves.

What is a Tableau workbook?

It is a file with a .twb extension that contains one or more worksheets (and possibly also dashboards and stories).

What is marks card in Tableau?

A card to the left of the view where you can drag fields to control mark properties such as type, color, size, shape, label, tooltip, and detail.

What is a .twbx expression in tableau?

Tableau Packaged Workbook is a .twb file grouped together with the datasources.

What is Crosstab Chart?

It is a text table view. Use text tables to display the numbers associated with dimension members.

Which function returns the number of items in a group?

The COUNT() function.