Tableau Workbook (.twb)

Tableau workbook files have the .twb file extension. Workbooks hold one or more worksheets, plus zero or more dashboards and stories.

Tableau Packaged Workbook (.twbx)

Tableau packaged workbooks have the .twbx file extension. A packaged workbook is a single zip file that contains a workbook along with any supporting local file data and background images.

Tableau Datasource (.tds)

Tableau data source files have the .tds file extension. Data source files are shortcuts for quickly connecting to the original data that you use often.

Tableau Bookmark (.tbm)

Tableau bookmark files have the .tbm file extension. Bookmarks contain a single worksheet and are an easy way to quickly share your work

Tableau Map Source (.tms)

used to Import Maps

Tableau Preferences (.tps)

used to create custom color palettes